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Digital Egypt Builders is a unique initiative that was launched by the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT) and announced at the opening of a number of educational establishments by the President of Egypt in September 2020. The initiative falls under the pillar “Egyptian Human Development”, one of the key pillars of MCIT strategy for building Digital Egypt.

The initiative seeks to empower the next generation of Egyptian young graduates of engineering and computer science colleges to become leaders at the global level and be capable of implementing Egypt digital vision.

The initiative offers, annually, a free scholarship to 1,000 top graduate students from Faculties of Engineering departments of Computer, Communications, Electronics, Biomedical or Faculties of Computer Science, or Faculty of Science Department of Mathematics (Computer Science); they will be selected according to specific conditions and admission criteria to be prepared as young cadres in various fields, including Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Robotics and Automation and Digital Arts. In addition, they will be assigned to a training program on leadership and management skills that would prepare qualified leaders to work in the entities responsible for transforming Egypt into a first-class digital state. This will be carried out using latest technologies in the learning process and through the presence of students in a well-developed university campus that could keep pace with state-of-the-art smart universities.

The initiative is implemented in cooperation with a number of major international universities, specializing in new technology fields, and local and global companies, working in the fields of ICT or in development of leadership or language skills; those global universities grant technical master’s degree in the field of ICT or a professional master’s degree according to the certificate provided by the university. As for the role of companies, they will undertake various activities, including conducting hands-on workshops in different technology areas, contributing to enriching the educational process and providing training programs to develop student skills and grant them approved certificates after they have completed the training. Each student also receives a certificate in leadership and management skills and an English proficiency certificate from specialized global companies.

After the termination of the scholarship and completion of graduation projects by students, which will be implemented in one of the national mega projects or in the projects of global companies or as a project of establishing a start-up, and after having received the required certificates, students will be highly qualified to work in digital transformation projects, to support building Digital Egypt or to work in major Egyptian and global technology companies or in the field of research and development in the ICT sector.

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